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Multidisciplinary expertise and innovation

Since 2003, solutions and services
qualified for construction

Teknoprogetti supports all stages of the entire journey: from preventive diagnostics to specialized and integrated design and construction management


A method fine-tuned over two decades to optimize time and resources and to offer reliable solutions to its public and private clients.


in one partner

Teknoprogetti engineers all technical activities related to building qualification, from the first survey to final acceptance.


Design and verification of reinforced concrete, steel, timber, or mixed-structure structures for new or existing buildings.

Integrated design

Construction, structural, plant design, construction management and construction site safety, all in an integrated way having Teknoprogetti as the only interlocutor.

Non-destructive testing

Teknoprogetti performs analysis and on-site tests on all types of structures, guaranteeing the client validated results and carried out under ISO 9001 certification.

What it's all about Teknoprogetti

Analysis and diagnostics

Knowledge of the context and every historical and structural aspect of the building to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Integrated design

Design of interventions, including divided into the individual specializations, under the given conditions.

Construction management

Coordination and verification of work and certification of materials.

Testing and verification

On-going and final verifications certifying the interventions carried out.

Document collection

Establishment of the documentary file and processing of certifications.


Developing a clear overview by breaking down each aspect to be solved into specific individual problems.

Some of the

Our Projects

Among the most recent and interesting achievements

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