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Load tests: load-bearing capacity of a building

" Teknoprogetti performs a static load test on a school gymnasium roof following increased loads, due to the installation of photovoltaic panels. "

Teknoprogetti performs load tests to estimate the load-bearing capacity of an existing structure.
Here is one of our recent activities:

Load Testing at Existing Building Used as a Gymnasium.

Static load test was carried out on school gymnasium roof.
The purpose was to verify the load-bearing capacity as a result of increased loads, due to the installation of photovoltaic panels.
The static pull load test required the use of hydraulic jacks, which can apply tensile or thrust actions (or static loads provided by the client).

The measurement of deformations

Strain measurement, on the other hand, is recorded using potentiometric displacement transducers.
They are placed, via telescopic rods, in contact with the loaded structure.
Displacement transducers are appropriately arranged in relation to the geometry of the element under test and the position of the applied loads.
The shooting system was anchored to the roofing elements. It was also counteracted at the base of the gymnasium pillars by means of chains and doweled metal plates.
All load and strain monitoring data are displayed and recorded in real time, via PC-interfaced electronic control unit.

Teknoprogetti s.r.l. handles diagnostic investigations, monitoring and nondestructive testing (CND or NDT) on site.
It also provides independent consulting services to businesses, professionals, government agencies, and insurance adjusters.

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