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Construction management

The Construction Management (DL) is the professional figure in charge of assisting, monitoring and supervising the works by ensuring their regular execution-according to the technical standards and design requirements-and imparting corrective actions when necessary. The DL is an important reference for public and private clients throughout the entire construction process: its purpose is to guarantee the quality and performance expected from each individual construction phase, ensuring that it conforms to the design and is fully compliant with budget and time constraints.

Construction Management affects some activities:

  • Construction site supervision: the Construction Manager is responsible for assiduous coordination of the construction site to ensure that the work is performed in accordance with applicable drawings, specifications, and regulations. This involves regular inspections and site visits to ascertain the quality of performance and adherence to plans
  • Quality control: ensures that the materials used meet the required specifications and that the construction project is carried out in accordance with the required quality standards
  • Budget and time management: the Construction Manager oversees project costs to ensure that they stay within the budget provided and oversees the activity to ensure that it is completed on time
  • Troubleshooting: the DL addresses any problems or impediments that may arise during construction and takes steps to resolve them promptly and efficiently
  • Communication: ensures effective interaction between the parties involved in the construction process, including the client, technical specialists, contractors, and local authorities
  • Documentation: keeps track of documents needed to ensure compliance with regulations, such as inspection and progress reports and the construction journal


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