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The 10 commandments
To upgrade a building


Follow the Ten Commandments, the book written by Mauro Bertoni and Antonio Salmoiraghi, to achieve your goal without wasting time and resources.

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  • How to have a clear overview of your redevelopment project
  • what is the ideal method for tackling such an important project while minimizing risk
  • How to conduct an analysis of the site that will accommodate your building
  • The analyses, surveys and documentary research to be carried out on the building before work begins
  • How to conduct a feasibility study to stay on budget and on time
  • Why consider contracting out some aspects to multiple professionals
  • How and why to choose a good construction manager
  • how to keep your work efficient
  • Which controls to schedule during the useful life of the building
  • Why you should rely on certified companies

“For he who knows well, retrains well.”

i 10 comandamenti per riqualificare un edificio ebook