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Construction site safety

The subject of construction site safety is regulated by Title IV of the Legislative Decree April 9, 2008 no. 81, which provides for the appointment of site figures to be responsible for safety protection at temporary and mobile construction sites. Teknoprogetti Engineering Srl can serve as CSP (Safety Coordinator in the Design Phase) and CSE (Safety Coordinator in the Execution Phase).

The Safety Coordinator at the design stage draws up the Safety and Coordination Plan (SSC) and prepares the file adapted to the characteristics of the work, containing the information useful for prevention and protection from the risks to which workers are exposed. The Safety Coordinator during execution plays an operational role and:

  • Verifies the application by contractors and self-employed workers – with appropriate coordination and control actions – of the provisions relevant to them contained in the CSP and the proper implementation of related work procedures
  • Verifies the suitability of the Operational Safety Plan (OSP) by ensuring its consistency with the PSC and the dossier in relation to the evolution of the work and any changes that have occurred, evaluating the proposals for the improvement of safety on site of the contractors
  • Verify that contractors adjust their SOPs, if necessary
  • Promotes cooperation and coordination of activities between employers and self-employed persons, as well as their mutual information
  • Ensures the implementation of what is stipulated in the agreements between the social partners, with the aim of achieving coordination between safety representatives
  • Reports non-compliance by contractors and self-employed workers to the client or project manager and, if necessary, proposes suspension of work, removal from the site, or termination of the contract
  • Suspends – in case of directly detected serious and imminent danger – individual works until the verification of the adjustments made by the enterprises concerned