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Sisma Bonus 2019: updates

With the publication of the Sisma Bonus Guide-February 2019 edition, the Internal Revenue Service has clarified in more detail what deductions may be allowed for earthquake-resistant work.

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Static Suitability: C.I.S. Cineteatro

This document, prepared by a licensed engineer with the professional register, typically an engineer, is mandatory. It certifies the goodness or otherwise of the structures of a building (the Cine Theater) precisely, which in case of disruption can have serious repercussions on public safety.

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School construction: 40 million on the way.

The M.I.U.R., Ministry of Education, University and Research, has confirmed the allocation of 40 million euros for school construction. The amount is earmarked for local governments that own school buildings in order to finance audits and diagnostic investigations.

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