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Structural Specialty Design

Specialist structural design deals with the selection, analysis and sizing of load-bearing elements of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, road infrastructure and works serving facilities. Specialized design may involve activities such as:

  • The preparation of executive graphic designs and calculation reports
  • The structural design of new works
  • The choice of building materials
  • Seismic analysis and seismic reinforcement
  • The assessment of structural safety
  • Site planning

The design and structural analysis address both new construction and existing structures and ensure the stability and safety of the projects in compliance with expected performance-defined by modern standards that include requirements for strength and durability of the works. The main types of structural work include normal or prestressed reinforced concrete constructions, mixed steel and concrete structures, wood, steel and metal alloy, and masonry works. Teknoprogetti Engineering Srl is committed to ensuring that the latest technologies and trends in structural engineering are continuously updated. A team of highly qualified professionals offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, meeting the planned budget without compromising the quality of the project.