Design Division

The Design Division was founded and specialized from the beginning in the design of reinforced concrete, steel wooden or mixed structure structures.

To date, it is distinguished by complete design autonomy involving multidisciplinary aspects of the building process such as:

  • Integrated civil structural, architectural and plant design (including through BIM – Building Information Modeling);
  • Design fire retrofits and fire prevention practices;
  • Fire resistance calculations of reinforced concrete, steel, and wood structures;
  • Practices related to construction site safety Leg. 81/08;
  • Technical-administrative and in-progress inspections;
  • Cadastral practices;
  • Energy Diagnosis, Technical Reports L.10/91, Energy Performance Certificates.

Since October 20, 2015, the quality management system of the Design Division has been UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified, and the Division is able to carry out verification activities of works projects for validation purposes (RT21 – Accredia). Our Quality Policy is available upon request, should you wish to view it.

The design then finds natural control during construction through construction management of all aspects addressed in the project.

Regarding structures, the Design Division routinely designs according to Italian and European standards; when necessary, also with reference to international standards.

Individual projects are developed in-house by the company’s engineering staff, including through the use of modern calculation software. However, the approach to the project is done in successive steps with intermediate validation steps, which allows the numerical data to be correlated with the specifics of each situation, also based on the decades of experience of the technical director and his closest collaborators.

Structural design can affect either new buildings or existing buildings, where seismic consolidation, improvement or retrofitting is required.

In the case of interventions on existing buildings, the design approach always takes great account of the specificity of the structures on which work is to be done.

Here, the proposed investigation and intervention techniques tend to harmonize with the context and the requirements of the authorities in charge (Superintendence, Environmental Heritage, etc.) and to preserve the existing building heritage as much as possible, with a careful eye on cost-effectiveness.

Structural investigations of the existing building stock can take place through the diagnostic activities developed by the Technology Division.

Completing the design range that Teknoprogetti’s Design Division is able to offer its clients include:

  • Appraisals and reports of various kinds;
  • Partisan technical consulting activities in civil cases (PTC);
  • Technical-economic verification in “Due Diligence” activities.