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TeknoProgetti’s Technology Division is the distinctly operational part of the company.

It deals with diagnostic investigations, monitoring and nondestructive testing (CND or NDT) on site, both as an independent consulting service to companies, professionals, public administrations, insurance adjusters, and as support to the Design Division.

It works in the area of both new construction and rehabilitation and conservative rehabilitation of the existing building stock. He has developed high skills in numerous static tests as well as in performing technological tests and experimental investigations performed on materials and/or structures, in the laboratory or in situ.

The strength of the Technology Division is the ability to customize surveys. The Client, if desired, is followed up from the preliminary design phase of the survey campaign so as to identify the most appropriate survey techniques based on the operational scenario and the purpose of the inspections.

The tools and equipment used are our own, and the high level of professionalism of the staff of the technology division, certified according to UNI EN ISO 9712 procedure, guarantees the client a clear and comprehensive result. Each test is accompanied by an interpretative technical report of the results obtained. Laboratory tests are carried out through close cooperation with ministry-recognized materials testing centers. In this case, the technology division can handle all investigations and coordinate all necessary tests.

The following methodologies are part of the nondestructive testing and diagnostic service:


Other destructive and non-destructive tests are also carried out on many other materials: concrete mixes, steel, bricks, road pavements, asphalt, rocks, wood, etc.

Evidence is customizable according to specific needs.

Other peculiar activities carried out by the division include: