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Seismic risk reduction, Church of St. Ambrose – Linate al Lambro

" In 2021, seismic risk reduction work was carried out at the Sant'Ambrogio Church in Linate al Lambro. "

The assignment to Teknoprojects.

Teknoprogetti Engineering s.r.l. carried out the structural design for seismic improvement and is giving support to Mibac in terms of construction supervision and accounting always of the structures.

Seismic risk reduction

Here are the structural interventions carried out for the seismic improvement of the church:

  • Improvement of mechanical properties of masonry by occasional insertion of steel bars into horizontal joints and subsequent restriping with lime-based mortars.
  • Occasional reinforcing of horizontal courses with specific lime-based mortars.
  • Replacement of perforated brick infill in the attic with new solid brick masonry connected to the existing by “diatons.”
  • Connection of the wooden tie rods of the existing trusses to the perimeter walls by means of metal carpentry elements.
  • Insertion of new metal tie-rods for the stone columns and connection with the perimeter walls and contextual “stitching” of the side chapels.
  • Accommodation and integration of wooden trusses.
  • Fabrication of new extrados hood of the apsidal semi-dome using lime-based mortar with reinforcing mesh in between.

The calculations were conducted taking into account the current technical regulations on seismic

Within this article, you can read about the work that Teknoprogetti Engineering s.r.l. did for the seismic improvement of another building: the hanging tank in Cernusco sul Naviglio.

What Teknoprogetti can do

Teknoprogetti Engineering s.r.l. is able to meet all the needs of design and control of works even under the emergency regime.

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